Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Something old, Something new, Something...

Nu Shooz "Point Of No Return"

Coming right back at ya with another oldie but goodie, Nu Shooz "Point of No Return", just as good as "I Can't Wait" in my opinion, maybe even better. Sounds just as good now as it did back at my middle school dances!Not to mention, that was a looooooong time ago. Good stuff, check it out!

Nu Shooz "Point Of No Return" (Vocal Special Mix)

The Black Kids " I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance" (Twelves Remix)

Something about this tune, reminds me of the French disco house explosion of the late 90's, yet it has an updated vibe to it, which is also nice. Seems like a lot more producers have been pulling away from the harder edged sounds and giving things more of a disco flavor, i like it, you probably will too! The Twelves from Rio Brazil are the remixers,and they did some great work on this remix ,The Black Kids, are a fun band that hail from sunny Florida, the vocals remind me of Robert Smith... kinda. Go get tunes and info from thier myspaces!

The Black Kids "Im Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance" (Twelves Remix)

Daniel Wang "Berlin Sunrise" Ghostly International Records

Oh Daniel Wang, you make the most pleasant dancing/lounging/hanging out doing homework music I have heard in quite awhile. Ghostly International is the label, and a great label it is, it is also the home of Matthew Dear aka Audion, whom is also very very good. You should visit the site and buy some music!

Daniel Wang "Berlin Sunrise" (Die Demmerung)


I know you have all been waiting.... (pffft yeah right) well here is a post about Freestyle Bikes from the 80's, If you don't know much about them , then you have come to the right place! If you know a lot about them you have also come to the right place. I think all would agree that the undisputed king of the 80's freestyle bike scene was Eddie Fiola, you couldnt pick up a BMX Action or BMX Plus, or Freestylin, magazine without his mug on every other page! This guy had some amazing runs at some of those King of The Skateparks, back in the day, just look him up on Youtube, you will see what I am talking about. Anyway, here is an ad from back in the day! Only if theystill made bicycles like this, I bet they would sell like hotcakes! Everyone and I mean EVERYONE, wanted the GT Performer, I wasnt lucky enough to get one, but I always envied the little rich kids who had them although most of the time, those kids totally sucked at Freestyling! Ha, typical, isnt it?

+++ Dont miss out this Saturday night, as we help host another installment of the insanely popular monthly dance event: NEON NITES @ The Backroom/ The Mink

Lots of music to dance to and the light shows are awesome too! Go to our friend Fixtures myspace he is the host of this party and produces some great remixes and original tracks too! I think you will esp. like the Fred Falke remix we worked on together.....mmmmm Frenchy. and

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