Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Les WHO ? Les WHAT?.....LES ????????

Sorry for the delay, when I created this thing I said to myself "I hate it when the blogs I like only update themselves once in a blue moon" In the blog world that's like 3-4 days.. well,I must say I have a good excuse, I have been very busy planning my next weekly party!!! I'm serious about this one too, after being burnt out for well over 2 years, I am finally ready to put my all into some sort of club night. I'm over asking myself "Why doesn't Houston get it", frankly in my old uh..hmm (er) age,I don't really give a damn. There seems to be plenty of people that might get it, and I hope this attempt at something fun on a weekly basis gives them the fix they need to make it through the rest of the week. Get ready cause its goin to be GOOOOOOOOD!

Stay tuned for an update, next week we will officially announce the event, the venue, the special events calendar (includes a funky fresh duo from chi-town..oohhhhhh flossy aint it?), and all other information. We can tell you it will be on Wednesday's, 18+ 5$, 21up FREE!, 75C draft, 2$ Lone Stars, 3$ Wells, 2.50 Kamikazes, all night, its a club in the Montrose (Yaaaay! We're back!) A BOOM-ing sound system and lights as well. Nov.12th is the Start.

MICKEY FACTZ (Boogie Down Bronx NYC)
OK onto the music... this guy was pointed out to me by a booking agent, I don't always follow what the agents say, because most of the time they are just trying to sell me an act at an outrageously overblown price claiming they are the next cool, underground, hip, unknown (to most of the world) big thing. Well, this guy Mickey Factz just may be the real deal. I couldn't find the song with the Zoot Woman sample from "Automatic" , that is tha killah! However here are a couple tracks that are pretty damn good, simple yet groovin crossover hip hop, i dig em though and maybe you will too, he's been all over the internet world and also runs around with The Cool Kids. Give him some myspace love!

p.s. The first track is pulled off a mix cd of his, so it kinda goes into some "robotic" territory, just sayin.

MICKEY FACTZ (Talk Yo Shit w/ ?)

MICKEY FACTZ ( I Like Your Supras) editors note: I liked mine too, but they about damn killed my feet!!!!

In Flagranti (Brrrrrooklyn NYC)
This group keeps popping up in my inbox every two years or so and I always remember liking the tracks I hear, however this remix by NYC's HOLY GHOST! Really gives them a different, more danceable flavor. In Flagranti is already a great band, Holy Ghost just adds to it and makes it disco. Lets Boogie!

In Flagranti (Business Acumen) Holy Ghost! Version

If you want to do some fun stuff this weekend and you are in Houston, there are quite a few goodies for ya! Here goes:


SATURDAY Oct.18th ART SOUND feat.- Aerosol Warfare, The Jon Benet, BMC, Damon Allen
Bakalavas, and lots more Dj's/ Art / Live Music... pssst,, hey... I go on @ 1am.

SATURDAY Oct.18th GIRLTALK @ Warehouse Live, FREE sponsored by Scion but you must RSVP. I am sure you can find the link son! Sweaty, good times, for sure! You will still have time to come to ART SOUND too!

MONDAY Oct.20th The Ting Tings @ House Of Blues, our boy FredSTER is opening up, so it will be doubly as much fun, and we hear there is a super kinda secret afterparty, so.... good fun on a Monday!

Next week.... MSTRKRFT and Afterparty Oct.22nd read below for more details!

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