Sunday, September 28, 2008

Music Music Music... here we go.

The first music post for the blog and its a good one! First off this song is great it makes us happy here at the blog, with its retro goodness! Obviously inspirational for Armand Van Helden as well . Siedah Garrett's 1984 version of "Do You Want It Right Now", this always gets the crowd going and is a treat to play because its not too familiar to anyone,however when she hits that hot chorus...then...ooomph!

Siedah Garrett " Do You Want It Right Now" 1984

One of the best new remixes out right now comes to us from Soulwax aka 2Manydj's , it's the nite version of MGMT's hit song "Kids". Almost reminds me of the same sort of vibe I got from thier remixed version of "This is the Excuse" with it's bouncy basslines, the breakdown as with all Soulwax remixes is to die for, enjoy and check out thier myspace for purchase information. and MGMT

MGMT "Kids" (Soulwax Nite Version)

One of our favorite groups of all time just for the sheer FUN factor is Matt and Kim, if you have ever seen them live they always seem to be having the best time and the crowd always gets rowdy too, we love it! While the song "Yea Yeah" was def. one of the most fun songs ever, this new one also dishes it out , yet more of an anthemic thing going on. Did we mention they are also on iheartcomix whom we also really like? and

Matt and Kim "Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare"

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Saturday, September 27, 2008


Ok... one more post before I go... getting this soon: (wish I could change the wristband out for another color)

Coming soon...

So I decided to go ahead and create a blog today, maybe some people will be interested in it, maybe they won't, whatever the case, I am going to make sure this thing is updated constantly.

The type of music I post on here will vary from time to time, however for the most part, I will have a lot of the freshest, newest, dance music & indie rock,I can find. I will also put up a lot of older stuff that has influenced me over the years. There will also be pictures and video of freestyle bikes, skateboards,watches, clothes, and anything else I think looks cool and/or interesting.

My internet is acting up right now because of the Hurricane, I guess thats why, who knows, all i DO know, is that I am not able to search for anything cool to put up at this time. SUCKS! However bookmark this blog, and check back this week, good things to come!
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